What are the benefits of mediation?

  1. Settlement of disputes in a timely manner. You are in control of how long the process takes. Almost every case will settle prior to trial. Therefore, the real issue is not if a case will settle, but when. Mediation can focus settlement negotiations, simplify correspondence and the exchange of documents and allow agreements to be reached more quickly.
  2. Cost. An early settlement saves litigation expenses and other costs related to managing the dispute. Arizona Mediation Institute bills at an hourly rate and does not require a retainer.
  3. Maintain Control. Mediation differs from arbitration or trial because the mediator does not make a decision or force any party to accept a settlement. When you agree to mediate a dispute, you are agreeing to attend the mediation session and participate in a good faith effort to settle the matter. Consequently, you are always in full control of the outcome.
  4. Mediation Is Confidential. Unlike court proceedings, all mediation sessions are confidential. Therefore, any negotiations during the mediation sessions do not become part of the public record.
  5. Preserve continuing relationships. Mediation is particularly useful in situations where the parties will be working together after the dispute is resolved, as is true of parents or business partners.
  6. Preparation of legal documentation. Arizona Mediation Institute will prepare your documents to begin and finalize your divorce, or amend your finalized divorce. Arizona Mediation Institute will also memorialize your ongoing negotiations with a binding agreement.
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