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Arizona Mediation Institute and its services are in high demand due to the commitment of its mediators to provide an unparalleled mediation experience. Arizona Mediation Institute is comprised of knowledgeable attorneys who are dedicated to assisting every couple in reaching a quality agreement that proves itself to be durable and doable. Those who work with Arizona Mediation Institute receive one-on-one attention throughout the process and documentation that is prepared correctly and efficiently.

Arizona Mediation Institute’s offices are uniquely tailored to create intimate mediations in a comfortable setting. Whether a mediation includes one couple, attorneys or experts, our suites are designed to accommodate large or small mediations or arbitrations.


The mediators at Arizona Mediation Institute are frequently selected by their peers to serve as Rule 72 Family Law Masters. All of the family mediators at Arizona Mediation Institute are pro tempore judges who have been approved by the Arizona Supreme Court. The Family Law Master is appointed by the court to serve as a form of private judge in family law disputes, ranging from legal decision-making issues to property and income issues. Mediators at Arizona Mediation have also been chosen to serve as Family Law Masters in complicated discovery disputes as well as in specialized areas of property division such as business valuation. As the court system becomes busier and more difficult to access, Family Law Masters are an ever more popular option. The level of experience and training in family law represented at Arizona Mediation Institute makes it a natural for this role.


Private arbitration of family law matters is a relatively new phenomenon in Arizona. With the added pressure on family law judges to resolve disputes in a timely and efficient manner and the increase in divorce and divorce-related issues, including post-decree problems, the selection of private arbitrators is increasing. The professionals at Arizona Mediation Institute provide the perfect pool of experienced and well trained mediators and arbitrators to take on this new role. Judith Wolf has served as an arbitrator in numerous commercial matters, including for the National Association of Securities Dealers, for over twenty years. Due to this unique combination of experience and training, Judith and the other professionals at Arizona Mediation Institute are being chosen to arbitrate family law matters in lieu of a court scheduled trial. Arbitration can be arranged at the convenience of the attorneys and litigants. Arbitration hearings are conducted in our beautiful conference spaces in a relaxed environment that is both business-like and user friendly. Parties involved in private arbitration report much greater satisfaction with the process and the result than those in a court-based venue.


Mediators from Arizona Mediation are also available to consult with attorneys to assist them and their clients in preparing for an important mediation. Although the consulting mediator may be quickly briefed on the legal claims in the matter, the assistance provided by our experienced mediators is in analyzing and structuring a strategic approach for the upcoming mediation. Judith Wolf has trained lawyers throughout the country in the theoretical foundations for preparing to mediate. That expertise is now being applied to real cases with Arizona lawyers. As part of a team of lawyers, clients, and experts, a mediation consultant can help shape the approach to fit the lawsuit, the chosen mediator and the other personalities involved.

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