The Process

Mediation is a voluntary negotiation process. The goal is to bring parties together to resolve issues with the guidance of a neutral third-party or mediator.

Mediation participants may meet with their mediator in joint session together. Alternatively, the parties may meet separately with the mediator in a caucus format.

For parties participating in mediation there is no requirement to appear in court at any time during the process. The mediators at Arizona Mediation Institute will prepare any necessary documents for the court.


At the first mediation session the couple and the mediator will review the assets and debts and discuss income and expenses. The mediator will also explain the legal procedure including timing, cost, and the legal documents to be prepared and filed with the court. After the first session, the mediator will prepare the necessary legal documents to start the divorce or legal separation process. Once you have reviewed, approved, and signed the documents, they will be filed with the court.

In cases involving minor children, the mediator will discuss legal decision-making and the various parenting time options available. The children’s expenses and child support will also be discussed.


During the course of negotiations and with the assistance of the mediator the parties will reach agreements on the following:

  • Value of Assets
  • Division of Property
  • Allocation of Debt
  • Tax Preparation
  • Spousal Maintenance
  • Child Support and Children’s Expenses
  • Parenting Time and Decision-Making


As agreements are reached your mediator will begin preparing the legal documents necessary to finalize the divorce/legal separation, including:

  • Property Settlement Agreement/Marital Settlement Agreement
  • Parenting Time Plan
  • Consent Decree of Dissolution/Legal Separation
  • Child Support Documents


The mediation process may involve the participation of the following professionals:

  • Attorneys for the parties
  • Certified Public Accountants
  • Financial Planners
  • Pension Experts
  • Valuation Experts
  • Real Estate Appraisers
  • Psychologists
  • Counselors


Before your first mediation session, download our Client Intake Sheet and review the Mediation Agreement. Bring along the completed and signed forms with you to your first mediation session.

In order to make your first divorce mediation session more productive, the following is a list of documents you can collect, photocopy and bring with you to the first meeting.

  1. Bank Account Information (names of banking institutions, type of accounts, account numbers and account values)
  2. Retirement Account Information (401(k), IRA, Roth IRA, Pension plans (name of institution, type of retirement account, account numbers and account values)
  3. Stock and Stock Option Information (vested and unvested)
  4. Real Property (address, value (if available) and mortgages or liens)
  5. Real Estate Appraisals (if any)
  6. Business or Professional Practice Valuations (if any)
  7. Vehicle Information (year, make, model, mileage, loans)
  8. List of debts/liabilities (mortgages, lines of credit, personal loans, credit card debt)
  9. Life Insurance Information (provider, policy number, term or whole life, whole life values, death benefit and beneficiary)
  10. Most recent tax return (mediator may request additional tax returns)
  11. Current pay stubs for both parties
  12. Cost of monthly medical insurance premium for just the minor child/children.

The absence of any of these documents or this information will not prevent you from participating in the first mediation session. The meeting can be productive without the information.

If you have any questions regarding the first mediation session or the documentation listed above, we encourage you to email us and we will be happy to assist you.

We also conduct mediations for parties in paternity actions, parenting time modifications, child support modifications, spousal maintenance modifications, grandparent visitation, third party legal decision-making/visitation (in loco parentis), prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, and any other family matter.

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